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As a new parent and business owner, you may feel like your hands are full. Even with one of these challenges, it may feel like a full plate. However, you can raise a baby and start a business. BibEasy encourages you to ask yourself the right questions first.

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Given added distractions and often strange schedules, working from home can be a challenge at any time. But when you add a baby or toddler to the mix, the difficulty level rises several notches. However, there are ways to survive working from home with a little one and without losing your sanity. To learn about some, read more.

Planning your baby’s nursery can be one of the most exciting milestones when you’re expecting. However, spending hours on Pinterest and Instagram trying to decide on the perfect style for your soon-to-be nursery can be equally overwhelming. 

That’s why we reached out to the experts from Miami to Sacramento to help homeowners design the perfect home nursery for their new or expected child. So read on and learn how you can properly prepare for your baby-to-be.

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Top Baby Gift Ideas

Congratulate the new arrival in your life with the perfect present.

If your family, loved one or friend has just had a baby and you need some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Giving the perfect gift for a little one can be an adorable, yet daunting process.

Finding that special something to take the new arrival from birth and beyond is no easy task but we’ve got you covered with a varied selection of presents, from practical newborn essentials to items that they will treasure for years to come.

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Popular Baby names so far in 2019

Despite many of us having our heart set on our future baby names since we were small – when it comes down to it, choosing a moniker is no easy task. 

Will they be able to spell it with ease? Will it suit their personality? Will there be 18 others(!) with the same name in their reception class? The questions are enough to leave us anxiety-ridden whilst panic-eating a large bowl of Cheerios.  

Looking ahead to 2019, the trend for choosing comfortably familiar names, with or without a twist, is definitely going to continue. Famous youngsters are also helping some names spike in popularity (Luna and Harper, anyone?) 

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Newborn 0-3 months BibEasy Baby Bibs
Top Tips For Coping With A Messy Eater

Top Tips For Coping With A Messy Eater

There’s no denying that feeding babies is a messy business!

It’s not so bad in the early days, when you are feeding your baby from a spoon, because you are pretty much in control of where the food goes!

But once you introduce finger foods to your baby or give him his own spoon, then you’ll be AMAZED by just how much mess one little person can create!

Probably the most important tip we can offer you at this point is to TRY NOT TO WORRY ABOUT THE MESS and just enjoy these special moments with your baby.

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BibEasy Bibs Wins International German Design Special Mention Baby & Childcare Innovation Award 2019

We are delighted to announce #BibEasybibs won the German Design Award special mention 2019 for Excellent baby product design.
What an achievement!  We are feeling overjoyed and thankful to receive international recognition for our unique design which reduces dribble rash for babies.
Thank you to all the Judges for selecting BibEasy, we look forward to meeting them and collecting our award in Frankfurt next year.
More good times ahead!

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The Perfect Gift for Roxy Shahidi from BibEasy Bibs

The Perfect Gift for Roxy Shahidi's Baby Shower

We were absolutely overjoyed when a staff member from ITV contacted us to make a bespoke gift for Emmerdale’s Roxy Shahidi’s Baby shower.  

Our luxury pram wicker hamper attracted their attention from a Facebook post and we just had to design something extra special for the happy couple.

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How to ease teething for your baby

Teething is the appearance of the first teeth through a baby’s gums. It can be a frustrating time for little ones and their parents. But knowing what to expect during teething and how to make the process a little less painful can help you manage.

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Bringing Home Your new baby

Bringing Your New Baby Home

Every new parent wants to ensure their home is equipped with all the essentials to welcome their baby.
There’s a lot to consider from baby clothes, a crib, pushchair to a baby seat for the car, and a whole lot more.

It makes sense to borrow from your friends who’ve been through this phase already. For example, a Moses basket or rocking crib for your baby will be useful for the first few months. After that, you can store it away for future expectant mothers, or for yourself if you’re likely to be expecting again.

We all want the best start for our newborn so we’ve outlined three things below to consider buying at the early stages of your pregnancy.

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The challenges of being a working Mum

There’s nothing like being a Mum, it’s the best feeling in the world but let’s be honest it’s not always that way is it?

I tend to worry a lot, most of it is probably unnecessary, actually it is unnecessary (e.g. will she cry at nursery when I drop her off this morning and eat all her food or hurt herself)?
I send myself round the bend with thoughts of things that mostly never occur/happen.

If it’s not worrying, it’s the guilt of leaving her with someone else and thinking I should stay home and spend quality time with my child. I even feel guilty when I forget to do something like pay a bill because I feel I should be able to remember everything.

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Blog End the bedtime blues

Ways To End the Bedtime Blues

The challenges of adolescence can be harder for parents to deal with than for their kids

Bedtime is a time of frustration for many parents. They wish it could be a magical time to reconnect with children and share fond memories. Here are some easy ways to make those dreams come true

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