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Protect your baby’s delicate skin and cute outfits from mess and spills with our ultra-soft BibEasy Baby Bib.
The 3-in-1 functional design features an absorbent flap which keeps dribble away from babies neck and chest and stops food falling inside clothes.

The ideal protection for the little dribblers and early weaning stages.


100% Plain cotton
Double layered for extra protection
Adjustable plastic poppers for close fit
Large size for extra coverage (25x28cm)
Suitable for 3-36 months


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  • 100% Plain cotton
  • Double layered for extra protection
  • Adjustable plastic poppers for close fit
  • Large size for extra coverage (25x28cm)
  • Suitable for 3-36 months


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Blue, Yellow, Pink, White

14 reviews for BibEasy Baby Bib

  1. Katherine , Cornwall (store manager)

    It has a handy flap to stop food and drink or dribble going inside baby’s collar. However as it is not wipe clean or waterproof. Food tended to stain it quite easily though it washed well. I would recommend it to use for feeding bottles of milk or as a dribble catcher.

  2. Nadine, London (store manager)

    My son constantly pukes so this bib was very helpful and absorbent and the extra flap was great because it left his neck clean and dry and I don’t have to change his vests all the time anymore.

  3. Louise , Lancashire (store manager)

    The flap on the bib easily fits under my sons top and soaks up any excess moisture, leaving his chest dry as well as his clothes clean. I would highly recommend them

  4. Louise (store manager)

    The flap is very useful which tucked under my son’s collar at the front of his neck to stop spills dribbling down his neck and onto the collar on his shirts. This is a great idea and really works. I would have however liked to have seen more coverage on the arms and shoulders from this bib, knowing how messy my one year is!

  5. Alesha, London (store manager)

    Love the plastic at back of bib preventing wet clothes!

  6. Sabrina, London (store manager)

    I’m a 3rd time mummy and my bubba literally dribbles for England!! I found not only was I going through 10+ bibs a day but I was changing clothes numerous times too because the bibs were so big around his neck! I love the neck part that stops tops/vests from getting wet and they have such a great selection of designs!! They also have great delivery times and choice of collection from a local store or home delivery. Great all round service. Thank you!!

  7. Bill (store manager)

    Wonderful quality and good prices coupled with excellent customer service.

  8. Penny (store manager)

    The flap on these bibs are such a good idea, they really keep the babies clothes clean when eating and saves us changing their clothes. They are also great at keeping the babies dry especially the ones who are teething, the large size is useful and they wash well

  9. Sophie Callaway (store manager)

    We found this bib helpful when feeding messy food that always gets onto her clothes. The flap folds over to protect the collar. We got a yellow one that has washed well. So far so good.

  10. Arianna Wills (store manager)

    Very simple idea to keep little necks and chins clean during meal times. I used to tuck in an extra muslin or sometimes tissues that never served the purpose. Easy to wash and made to last.

  11. Megan Berlin (store manager)

    I think we would mainly use this as a dribble bib rather than for eating as it is a little short to catch all the food my son flings at himself. For dribbling – I really like the collar but the bib itself could be more narrow which would make it easier to use and not get in baby’s way (although I appreciate the width would be better for those using it to eat)

  12. Summer Tabbakha (store manager)

    I think the only thing I can suggest is a few more clippers to adjust neck size and I will try the water proof version because it’s a great a design but my baby dribbles everywhere and it soaked through

  13. Vasi Leonard (store manager)

    I am a new mother and have a 4 month old baby girl. She is teething and she dribbles all day and gets her tops wet. I tried this bib and I loved it. The material is so soft and feels really good quality and looks so smart on her. It has two layers on the top and this absorbs more saliva than other bibs, so her clothes stay dry, which means fewer changes! It is large enough for my baby and will be the right size for a long time. There are two buttons to adjust for the babies neck and this way it could fit for a toddler too. I would strongly recommend this bib.

  14. Nicola Bates (store manager)

    I thought that the flap was simple, yet practical, and the material easy to wash. It was useful when feeding my daughter.

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