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This pregnancy and nursing pillow has been designed with you in mind. It’s multi-use design makes it an excellent buy and good all- round nursery accessory. Its supportive curved shape makes it comfortable for you and your baby during and after pregnancy.

The support pillow can be used at night to support your bump, and also used to raise baby to a comfortable height when breastfeeding or bottle feeding. It also has a washable removable cover just in case of any accidents.


  • Can also be used at night time to support you and your bump
  • Comfortable and supportive for expecting mothers and post pregnancy
  • Can be used as a neck pillow
  • Supports baby whilst feeding
  • This pillow can be used as an aid to help baby sit up
  • This pillow has a washable removable cover

Makes pregnancy and sleep more comfortable.

It can also be used to support women when breastfeeding.

It can help your baby when learning how to sit up.  

Practical for baby when sleeping, the small pillow can be adjusted to the right left position according to the need.

The removable small pillow can be used as a resting pillow for baby’s head.


Material: Woven Cotton(Washable, Removable)

Filler: High Count Cotton

Size: 20 X 20cm/7.87 X 7.87″

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